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An innovative music scoring studio based in Las Vegas.


Elevate your films & ad campaigns.


Fluent in a wide variety of compositional genres and techniques, JoelKK writes music for feature and short length films, documentaries, trailers, and animations, as well as advertising campaigns and one-off commercials.


Recent Projects



Film Scoring

Scoring for feature films, documentaries, short films, and animations. The typical scoring process begins with a meeting with the director, followed by a spotting session, and proceeds into a period of creation and communication with the project leads. The process is highly collaborative throughout every phase of production.

Advertising & Commercial Scoring

Scoring for commercial purposes for use on television, web, radio, and social media channels. Tracks are most often requested for 30, 60, and 90 second media buys and are typically composed to match pacing and beats in existing visual content. Alternative lengths and workflows can be pursued as well, especially for newer and more organic media channels, such as social media.

Orchestration & Arranging

Orchestration of an existing licensed or public domain composition for commercial re-use. Existing musical works can be orchestrated anew for a variety of reasons: to fit time constraints of visual media, to fill out or simplify the original arrangement, to retain the musical motifs of the original piece but convey a new mood, etc.


General Composition

Composition for live orchestral performance, background scoring at concerts and events, composition for church and non-profit use, etc. JoelKK has composed music for use in the non-profit sector, to accompany live performances at concerts, to be performed orchestrally, and for a variety of additional end uses. 

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“Working with Joel was a dream. We met and I spent 30 minutes unloading everything that my film meant to me. He had a few questions and then a week later he came back with some sections done and they were all spot on. It’s so lovely when it works that way! We made some tweaks along the way and the work resulted in a score that I was absolutely ecstatic about. Joel is a talented composer who is quick and hardworking.”
— John Alan Thompson [Director, "Lend a Hand for Love"]
“It was a pleasure working with Joel and we ended up having an amazing score. Great work in the scoring session – that was probably the most fun day of my entire project – and I honestly cannot thank Joel enough for the work he did.”
— Evan Matthews [Director, “Arlington Heights”]
Joel is a brilliant composer, and quick! He’s got a great attitude and delivered a spot-on score for a short film I produced. Joel came highly recommended for his previous short and feature film work, and it’s easy to see why. I look forward to working with Joel again in the near future!
— Erik Yeager [Director, "Descent"]